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Abandoned Nest is a dungeon available for players of level 42 to 51 inclusive. It is the first dungeon in the Forest of Silence.





Not a difficult dungeon if you know what you are doing at this point. The only new feature that the player may experience is the numerous mobs in one setting, and more unique traps, keeping the players alerted to their HP.

Trapped Valor and Mobile Magic Circle:

Make sure the entire party gets the step before being able to eliminate the mini-boss; defeating 5 Dark Recon Scout and Apprentice Dark Sorcerer mobs (there are more but most of the time, you can get the 5 needed before encountering Trapped Valor). Watch for the high damage attacks and chance of poison, and you should be just fine with finishing this part. Bring down the gate and proceed to the Mobile Magic Circle. The first thing noticed in that area is the amount of mobs surrounding the Mobile Magic Circle itself. Clear out the mobs, then the Mobile Magic Circle. But be careful, as there will be more mobs that surround you the moment it is destroyed. Be sure your Strikers or Crashers are ready for that.

Dark Oracle Supply Box and Guard Leader Grimkeeper:

Apprentice Dark Priest Howler:

Speed Run StrategyEdit

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