Aggression, aggro, preemptive attack or first attack means that a mob will approach you and begin to attack you if you approach it but do not attack it.

Losing AgroEdit

To lose agro treat monsters like zombies:

1. They can't swim

2. They can't jump

3. They can't make tight turns

Gaining AgroEdit

To gain agro treat monsters like jerks:

1. They don't like to be silenced or when you get them sick

2. They don't like to be yelled at

3. They don't like when you are stronger then them

Rule of thumb: The speed you are yelling at them and getting them sick out weights the amount of damage you do to them. Otherwise the mob will attack the player with the highest damage output.

In a party decide who is going to "tank" or take a majority of the damage, then try not to use skills that will gain you agro if you are not tanking, this will reduce the damage your party takes and increase the speed you can kill a mob.

Skills that gain agro:Edit

Fight Circle

  • Rolling Attack
    * Stomp
    * Spin Attack
    * Shoulder Blow


  • Tornado Spin
    * Hammer Stomp
    * Planet Fall
    * Frost Hammer
    * Crippling Impact
    * Asgard Smash
    * Punish
    * Shout (gives agro to every skill you use, also when first used can pull mobs to you like a real shout)
    * Extreme Hammer
    * Volcano of Destruction
    * James's Hammer


  • Spin Claw
    * Somersault Kick
    * Claw Dive
    * Combo Attack
    * Adrenaline

Magic CircleEdit

  • Lightning Shock
  • Holy Ball


  • Blood Circle
    * Divine shock
    * Fire seed
    * Holy Cross


  • Meteor Crush
    * Disruption Field
    * Cold Snap
    * Fire Circle
    * Hand Lighting
    * Lightning Circle

Gunner CircleEdit

  • Moving Shot

Dual GunnerEdit

  • Spin Shot
    * Slow Marble Bomb
    * Extension Shot
    * Air Spin Shot
    * Rolling Shot

Heavy LauncherEdit

  • Artillery Shot
    * Polar Pulsator
    * Storm Caller
    * Rail shot
    * Hail Shot
    * Air Strike 
    * Laser Pointer

Skills that lose agro:Edit

Heavy LauncherEdit

  • Diffraction Screen


  • Shadow Cloak

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