has another favor to ask of the Knight, This time, it seems he wants the Knight to collect the essence of a type of Skalari to use in a cooking dish...

Quest Progression:Edit

Khan: "I have a keen eye for cooking talent and when I first saw you, I knew that you had it. Cooking badly can really impact your health, so it's critical that you cook well. Would you like to try?"

Knight: "Well, I'm not very good, but I'd be willing to learn."

Khan: "That's the spirit! Gather your cooking gear and I will cook with you. Can you get some Aguilar and bring them back to me?" (It seems his definition of cooking isn't the same as everyone else's!)

Knight: "Sure. (Yuck.)"

1. Eliminate Aguilar

Eliminate Aguilar

GOAL: Hunt Aguilar (x12)

2. Please talk to Khan

Please talk to Khan.

GOAL: Find Khan

Khan: "Are you really going to eat these? Boy, you must have a strong stomach."

Knight: "Yeah, I think I can."

Khan: "Well, if you really want to eat it, I'll cook it up for you."

Knight: "Actually... I'd rather not."


  • 250 Mar
  • 571 EXP
  • 10Lv Quest reward box

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