Attendance Stamp

Attendance Stamp

This was an item handed out by your respective schools school director once a day.
Gg basics npcdirector

School Director

Along with the current Social Point Shop, History of Kasmari and Matching system you could also "Check in" when speaking with her.

To recieve stamps aka Check inEdit

1. Log into the account and character you wanted the stamp on.

  • You had to log every character, if you wanted all your characters to have one.

2. Speak with the school director

3. Recieve a stamp in your inventory

  • It is uknown how many could be stacked as the highest currently known stack was 177


After recieveing a set amount of stamps you could then select a different dialogue from the school director.

1. Tell her you would like to trade in your stamps.

2. Select from a list of titles the title you desired.

  • Each title gave different stats
  • The titles with the best stats required the most stamps

Confirmed Titles:

Most Outstanding Student

Perfect Attendance Student

Possible other titles:

Bestest Outstanding Student


The reason for removal was said to be because it created a bug in the quest line at the time. They were removed prior to the release of the Neo Kansas map and level 45 level cap raise.

After the removal they allowed players that were recieveing them to put in a ticket and request that they be added to their inventory.

  • The Game Masters would then check your log and if your character was logged in for 5+ minutes you would recieve the stamp(s) in your inventory.

It is unknown if this is still a possibility for any or all players.

The reason for not returning them has be completely unconfirmed. Feel free to use your imagination.

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