A Bond is a way to encourage higher level players to help out the lower level players. You need to be level 20 or above to be able to sign up as a Senior to help out Juniors until they too reach level 20.

Seniors are rewarded for each milestone their Junior reaches so be sure to help your Junior out so they can reach these milestones quick!

Juniors, which would be any player until level 20, can only make bonds with players that have registered to be Seniors. Both have to be of the same school.

Making a BondEdit

To register as a Senior, you need to be at least level 20 and have already made your Student ID.

Talk to the School Director and choose the option about Senior-Junior bonding. Then choose the option to look at the list of registered Seniors.

Click the "Register Senior" button at the bottom of the Senior List window. You will then be asked to write a short greeting. Click "OK" to finish registering. You are now visible on the Senior List whenever you are online for a Junior to find.

Gg bond greeting

Juniors can find Seniors by talking to the School Director and choosing the option about finding a Senior. After clicking "Yes!" the Senior List will appear with currently online Seniors. Pick one and click "Select Senior". To have the Senior List appear every time you log in, check the "Shows senior list at start" box.

Gg bond seniorlist

Players can also make bonds by right-clicking a player to bring up the Character Menu and selecting "Make Bond". Note that only those registered as a Senior, and eligible Juniors, can have a bond made.
Gg bond make

You can check the status and location of your Senior/Junior by pressing "t" to open the Bond Status window. In this window you will also have the option to cancel the bond. It will take 24 hours after canceling a Bond before either the Senior or Junior can make a new Bond.
Gg bond status

Bond RewardsEdit

While Juniors will not get any extra rewards, except a potential new friendship, Seniors will be rewarded with Social Points whenever the Junior reaches level 5, 10, 15, and 20 while the Bond is active.

Whenever a Junior reaches those milestones, the Senior will receive a mail about the accomplishment and rewards. So be sure to help out your Junior to get Social Points faster!

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