This tutorial quest introduces the Knight to the concept of Fishing. Fishing may be used to obtain raw ingredients for cooking, which can be used to produce a variety of stat-boosting food.

Quest Progression:Edit

1. Open the inventory

Press "I" to open your inventory.

Fishing 1

'2. 'Equip Fishing Rod

Double click on Fishing Rod.

  • If you wish for it to be your secondary weapon, press "R" before equiping.


Cletus: You seem interested in fishin'! Go and fish like your fellow students over there.

3. Reach Hillville

Follow the arrow on the ground to reach the fishing pond.

GOAL: Reach Hillville
Fishing 2
  • In other words. follow the arrows ti'll you reach the pond to fish.

4. Catch a fish, Return to Fisherman Cletus

When you reach the pond, left click over the water to begin fishing.

Once you catch a fish return to Fisherman Cletus.

GOAL: Find Fisherman Cletus.

  • You must catch a fish before returning. It can be either red or blue.

Cletus: Oh! You already caught the fish? Let me take a look.

Knight: Yes, here you go. (Hand over the fish.)

Cletus: That's great! Your skills are good enough for survival. Make sure you always carry the fishing rod wherever you go.

Knight: Yeah, got it.

  • Note: Dying with a rod equiped will cause it to lose fatigue and evetually break. It's recommended not to carry it around equiped.


  • 220 Mar
  • 294 EXP
  • Red Fish x5
  • 5LV Quest reward box

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