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Attention Knights! 

There is a new Student Adviser system! The Student Advisers will be normal players in-game that are very helpful and friendly to the community. There will not be open applications to become a student adviser, but Remnant Knights staff will be selecting the most helpful players they see. We will continue to recruit more advisers as we see more players that deserve the title! If you are interested in becoming a Student Adviser, reach level 60 and start helping out as many players as you can! 

What does a Student Adviser do?  The student Advisers will help any player they see in-game with common questions, suggestions, advise on anything RK related. They will get monthly megaphones to help out in global chats and will be highly encouraged to use map chat giving advise in Fortville and Hillville. They will have a special title (no useful stats will be on the title) so everyone knows they are an adviser while hanging out in the school zones. They are not required to wear this title but it is an option while helping out new players! Student Advisers will not replace a GM but can help out. If you have major concerns please contact a GM and not an Adviser. 

Requirements : 

Student Advisers must be level 60, we feel in order to be able to successfully help others you should have gotten to the current level cap in order to give good advise to all players. 

Student Advisers must not have ever been banned or severely sanctioned due to your actions in-game. We want Student Advisers to be good role models for all players to look up to! 

Student Advisers will not have regular shift times or specific hours they must be online. We will be looking for the most active and helpful players. 

Student Adviser status will be removed if they become inactive or break rules. 

Current Student Advisers 

Owl: FakeChow | CristinaSollo | KariShadowWolf | HermitPriestess | Wizkiller96 | Cyanea

Dragon: Gemini | Meiling | Flandre | Chinami | TeriyakiSauce | RoseFlame

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