The Ghost Enforcer summoning his minions.

Cave of the Dead is the third dungeon that Knights will encounter on their journey. It is located on the hill of the dead in Sunset Pier and is available for players level 19 to 29.

Unique and rare level 20 gear is given when defeating this cave's final boss:



Beast stones

Armor (all classes)

Weapons (all classes)

Also, you have a chance to recieve a rare fasion item peice from the summer sports outfit (not available in the cash shop).


Big Undead
Heart of Wraith Lord

Boss: Ghost Enforcer


Kill x number of Undead

Kill  x number of Big Undead

Destroy the Heart of Wraith Lord

Kill the Ghost Enforcer


1. Wait for all of your team mates to enter the cave.

2. Kill undead

Solo: Defeat the Undead 1 at a time

Party: Pull undead near eachother to maximize damage via splash damage

3. Kill 3 Big Undead

4. Use the ramp/ hill to the left of the path to skip Big Undead in your way

5. Kill Big Undead on and around the old arena

6. Smash the crystal when standing OFF of the arena

7. Try to us a basic attack to pull the boss away from the rest of the mobs that spawn and kill him alone

8. Profit

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