There are many dungeons you can raid with your friends. Face special mobs and bosses, get rare items, and prove your worth as a Knight!

There are 3 difficulties modes to each dungeon: Easy, Normal, Hard. Easy mode can usually be completed alone, use this mode if you want to complete a quest quickly without having to search for a party. The Normal modes would require at least another person, and Hard usually needs a full party.

Normal and Hard yield better rewards and drops, with Hard having the best quality items. Be warned, the Hard mode requires good gear and teamwork to complete.

Hillville Haunted House 5-15 Owl
Hillville Underground Office 3rd Grd Test Owl
Hillville Water Road Cave 4th Grd Test Owl
Hillville Abandoned Cabin 5th Grd Test Owl
Fortville House of Ruin 5-15 Dragon
Fortville Underground Office 3rd Grd Test Dragon
Fortville Water Road Cave 4th Grd Test Dragon
Fortville Town Shrine 5th Grd Test Dragon
James Isle Meteorite Crater 18-27 Owl
James Isle Magma Cave 19-28 Owl
Sunset Pier Meteor Swamp 18-27 Dragon
Sunset Pier Cave of the Dead 19-28 Dragon
Greenville Strange Cavern 28-37 Dragon/Owl
Ghost Town Dyrano Cave 36-45 Dragon/Owl
Ghost Town Dead Marshes Not Enabled Dragon/Owl
Forest of Silence Valley of Beasts Not Enabled Dragon/Owl
Forest of Silence Abandoned Nest 42-51 Dragon/Owl
Forest of Silence Cave of Dark Sorcerers 45-54 Dragon/Owl

Neo Kansas

Wine Cellar 49-58 Dragon/Owl
Neo Kansas Ruined Mine 50-59 Dragon/Owl
Neo Kansas Forbidden Mine 52-60 Dragon/Owl
Mara Sand Cave 55-60 Dragon/Owl
Mara Forsaken Temple 56-60 Dragon/Owl
Mara Vortex Cave 57-60 Dragon/Owl
Mara Shadow Valley 58-60 Dragon/Owl
Mara Itnin 59-60


Mara Arfa 60 Dragon/Owl
Mara Sitha 60 Dragon/Owl
Mara Red Desert Ruins Not Enabled Dragon/Owl

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