The bank is often misinterpreted and kept a guild lead secret. It should be open to all members. Club lead always has access to the bank. The club lead should designate someone that is online to be in charge of the bank. If something is needed in the bank there are 2 players that can get it. If someone wants to donate gear or mats to the bank the same applies. This will help your clubs slightly inactive members stay strong.

    • The Club Bank password should be easy to remember or posted in the announcement for easy access


This is what a typical club bank looks like


Give another club member access to the bank so more people can help the club grow

1.    1. Club Bank Income: This is the top number and the amount of money you have received from taxes after Club War. You can choose to move it to your Club Fund.

2.    2. Club Bank Fund: This is bottom number and the amount of tangible money you have to do with as you please. You can choose to move it to your Support money.

    • Any money in support money can never be removed for personal expense:: only used for air travel and mail fare, by everyone in club

3. Club Bank Donation: This button is the reason everyone in club should have the bank password. It allows everyone to donate to the support money.

4. Club Bank Deposit: Deposits money to the Balance

5. Club Bank Withdraw: Withdraws money from the Balance

6. Change Password: Changes the bank password

See also: Bank of Kasmari

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