This is one of the MOST important things in your club. Keeping communication open within your club makes people want to come and play, because they feel welcomed.



- Always greet your club when you log in.


- Greet others when you see them log in.



Club members greet each other when players log in

- Say good bye when someone says they are leaving.



Club members say good night when a player logs out

- Post what you expect in the club announcement



Post what you expect of the club in the Club Announcement

- Talk in Alliance, not just Club chat. Create a system so people can be on other accounts and still talk to the club. TeamRocket has 3 Clubs in their alliance: The Main club, The Alt club and The new players club. This allows everyone to freely communicate and is not prejudice to people on their main character. It also allows players to take hatius from club.. and still be “in club”.


Club alliance allow players to expand their skill knowledge and stay in club

- Utilize the games FREE voice communication


- This system allows your club to communicate with each other, Game Masters and other players within the game on a whole new level



Voice Communication in Remnant Knights allows players to communicate quickly


Out of game communication

This is one of the greatest assets you have. Creating a system that players can access out of game allows you to communicate and ask for help even if they aren’t sitting at a pc. You could use:

-          -Skype

-         -  Twitter

-          -Text +

-          - Viber

-         -  Facebook

-         -  Exchange phone numbers


Creating a method for players to communicate out of game builds a stronger club

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