Two Club Leads in game stand looking over Dragon School

A successful club has a good club lead. They might not be the best player, but they know what they are doing. A few traits you want to keep in mind are:

- Active: A good club leader needs to be an active player; they need to know what is going on in game and within their club

- Knowledgeable:  They should have a good amount of knowledge about the game they are playing so they can help others within the club learn and if they don’t know, they must be willing to find out

- Knows their own weakness: A good club lead knows where they fall short and if they don’t know, they are willing to take constructive criticism to become stronger for themselves and the club

- Good judge of character:  Knows when to get rid of bad apples before they start drama or cause unpleasantness within the club

- PATIENCE: They are going to receive a lot of negativity; they must be willing to meet this with charm and a calm mind

- Lead by example: People will often hold their actions as the club leads responsibility (even though you can’t control them) so show them what you expect through your own actions

- Delegate: You must be willing to delegate tasks to other members, this not only relieves stress on yourself but enables your club to learn and grow together. You can’t mediate EVERY argument, so let someone else give it a go and learn how to do your job.. They may need to some day

- Flexible: You must be willing to change club guidelines and rules if it is for the better of the club. This also means you must be willing to change what you believe if the club is unified in a matter

- Honesty: Being honest to your club means they will be honest with you. This builds trust within your club and is the better part of a wonderful foundation for success

- Humor: Have a sense of humor, sometimes things will go wrong, that’s okay

- Generous:: not Gullible:  You must be willing to help your members, but know when players are trying to screw you over and not allow yourself to be considered a puppet

- Listens: To everyone in and out of club and takes time to learn about the members

- Talk: Actively creates conversation within the club so that members get to know each other

For more information: Be a great lead

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