Whether you just started a club or are trying to get new members for an already flourishing club it’s good to know your avenues for getting new club members in Remnant Knights. Keep in mind that no matter how skilled or unskilled the player, people are shy and a simple invitation to your club may be more then enough to get them recruited.

Recruiting Basics

Always be honest, forthright, polite and courteous

How you treat someone will determine how they treat you in the long run

Let them know what your club is all about

Let them know you are looking for a team mate, not a pushover

Never give up, unless they ask very honestly for you to stop

Random adds:

Sometimes you can simply stand in school, or any map for that matter and send an invitation to a player without a club and they will join and just stick with you, no questions asked. I find this is the best way to get new players in club quickly.

The Forum:Edit

This is a great resource for players who haven’t even started playing and are looking into the game. You get your name out there before they even start. Alternately, if players have already started and they see you are forum active and their club is not they may be more inclined to join your club.


Remnant Knights, its Game Masters and its players VERY actively use facebook to communicate. Thus, post on facebook or create a facebook group to recruit players.


Using twitter can be a great resource to recruit new players and old through simple catchy phrases.


New Players:

Help a new player out by teaching them about them game and get to know them a bit. New players are great, because they hold no claim to another club and thus would love to be welcomed by anyone. Simply ask them, “would you like to join my club?”


Current players:

Current players often times know the ins and outs within the game and can be a great asset when you work with them. They need to trust you, so work with them in ensuring you are trust worthy. Don’t simply befriend someone to get them in your club. Be a friend to them. People want to play games with friends. Sometimes you are simply just better at being their friend and they will join your club.





After helping a player learn about the game, 2 older players ask if she wants to join their club.

Global Shout out:

This might not initially get players in your club, but it will get your name out there and people talking about it. The more people talk about your club the more people think about it. The more they think about it the more they want to be a part of it.




A club lead uses a megaphone to let everyone on the server know she is actively recruiting.

Real Life:Edit

Get your friends and family in the real world to come play with you. It’s a great way to bond and an even better way to know you have someone trustworthy on your team.


Jessie shows her friends Remnant Knights and asks if they would like to come play with her on Saturday.

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