As opposed to Club Challenge, Club War will be pure PvP with the intent of taking over an area to collect taxes. It is held twice a week on Tuesday (6 PM PST) and Saturday (2PM PST) and runs for 1 hour. Announcements will be made 30 minutes before they start.

Players enter either the East Control Center (Dragon Side) or West Control Center (Owl Side) and try to take over a terminal inside. Use the Pilots or the Event Board enter icon to get to the Control Centers.

Players can attack and kill everyone except member of the same club and members of any allied club.

Taking Over an AreaEdit

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To capture a terminal, a player needs to have the Club's CD right (only 1 Club member can have it at a time) and a Certification CD which can be purchased from the Shopkeepers in the Control Center area.

CD rights can not be re-assigned once the Club War starts and each attempt at taking over a terminal will require another Certification CD.

There will be 3 terminals inside each Control Center. Whenever one is taken over, every other Clubs' members will be teleported outside. They will need to re-enter and try to take it back or try and take over a different one. The latter will set the previous terminal back to neutral.

It would take 5 minutes for a player to take over a terminal. To cancel the progress, that player will have to be killed before the certification is complete.

The last Club to capture and hold a terminal when the Club War ends will become the Lead Club that owns the area. A Club can only hold one area at any given time.


Whichever Club holds a Control Center gets to set the tax rate (up to 10%) for that side. The tax rate determines the tax for Shopkeepers and all tax collected goes into the Club's bank. Tax can be set at the main terminal in the Control Center by the Club Lead.

The Club Leader will also be able to make ten 1-day titles for Club members. After winning the Club War, a box will spawn in the main terminal room.

There will be 10 Lead Club Medals inside (can not be stacked) that can be taken to the Guide NPC to craft. The title will then be available in your title list.

When the next Club War starts, the defending Club are able to use destructible obstacles to slow other Clubs down. These obstacles are mailed as a reward to the members and anyone can use them. However, only one obstacle can be activated per person at a time. Club member and allied Club members are able to pass through the obstacles.

Club members will also respawn at the main terminal instead of outside if they get killed.

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