Gg collecting mining

There are many items to be collected throughout Kasmari. Some are easy to find, while others require focused exploration.

To start collecting, double-click on the object. As you collect, your character will mine for it. There will be a timer bar that appears. If you are interrupted before it completes, the collecting will fail and you will be vulnerable to attacks for a few seconds (one way to avoid this is watch around you constantly for mobs. If a group approaches, terminate the timer yourself by moving, and kill the mobs first). If the timer bar completes, you will receive the item.

Once you collect three items from each source it will disappear and respawn nearby several minutes later.


Here are some of the common collectable sources you can find randomly throughout the maps, with many more sources for you to discover.

Marble Gemstones
Gg collecting marble

Marble Gemstones are the most valuable collectable. They will randomly give you one of four types of gemstones (ice, fire lightning, and poison). You can use these gemstones to craft Marbles and dorm furniture.

Momo Plants
Gg collecting momo

Momo plants are rather common on Kasmari. They provide you with one of three types of Momo fruit: Red Momo, Blue Momo, or Yellow Momo. The fruit can be consumed directly or be used as ingredients for potions or flower pots.

Golden Plants
Gg collecting golden

You can collect Gold Leaves from the Golden Plants. Gold Leaves are a rare healing substance. Consumed directly, it can heal HP & MP, or used with Momo fruit as ingredients to mix more potent potionsx

Golden Wild Ginseng
Gg collecting ginseng

Golden Wild Ginseng only appear in the Forest of Silence. It has strong healing properties and is used in intermediate potions. If consumed directly, it heals HP and MP.

Plant of Oz

Harves these in Neo Kansas to obtain the Fruit of Oz, which can be used to make potent potions. Like all others, if consumed directly, will heal HP and MP.

Desert Cactus Fruit

Found by harvesting Mara desert cacti, can be combined with Momo fruits to make the most potent potions available in terms of crafting.

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