This quest introduces the Knight to herbs, which may be used for powerful stat-enhancing potions. To make these potions you will also require Momo fruits, which can be found at certain places in maps until Greenville.

Quest Progression:Edit

Knight: "Is there anything for me to do?"

Heidi: "Ah! You must not have studied the herbs yet. A great Knight needs to be very familiar with herbs. By being able to use herbs, you can gain strength in fighting Skalari or heal your wounds."

Knight: "I see it's important to be able to handle herbs."

Heidi: "You see those herbs right there? Go and collect them."

Knight: "Yes, I got it. (It's my first time collecting herbs...)"

1. Please collect some Herbs

Please gather Herbs

GOAL: Find Herbs

Knight: "(I have never seen this plant before... How do I collect them...)"

--There is a fruit behind the leaf.--

Knight: "..."

--Upon successful gather, receive HP Restorative (E).--

2. Meet Nurse Heidi

Please talk to Nurse Heidi

GOAL: Find Nurse Heidi.

Heidi: "Welcome. Did you get the herb I asked for?"

--The Knight hands over the collected Herbs.--

Heidi: "Good job. If you collect herbs during your travels, you can bring them back to me and I can make potions. Don't forget that."

Knight: "Yes. Thanks for the good information."


  • 200 Mar
  • 362 EXP
  • Lv10 Quest reward box

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