The Knight is introduced to the Pilot and the airlines system. The fee for maps is 300 Mar multiplied by the number of areas flown across. A player must have attained the lowest level required for a map (not the same as lowest quest level) in order to fly there.

Players will  usually see this quest as required to "unlock" the navigation feature but it is possible to access the feature through the Pilot on campus before this quest is obtained.

Quest Progression:Edit

Serena: "Welcome. We are doing our best to accommodate the students' travels. Where is your destination?"

Knight: "I want to go to..."

Serena: "Ah! Welcome. The Skalari are going around the planes and messing things up. They are such a problem."

Knight: "Really?"

Serena: "I need to fix the plane but I need more steel plates. Can you go to Angry Can and collect some Scrap iron?" (???)

Knight: "OK, will do.

1. Please collect Scrap Iron from Angry Can

Please collect Scrap Iron from Angry Can.

GOAL: Get Scrap Iron (x5)

2. Find Serena the Pilot

Please talk to Serena the Pilot.

GOAL: Find Serena the Pilot.

Serena: "Wow! You came back really fast. What happened to my request?"

--The Knight hands over the N_008_061.-- (???)

Serena: "Thank you so much. Thanks to you, I will be able to provide a better, safer service to students now."

Knight: "Yes... (It's a good thing I didn't get on before the repair.)"


  • 200 Mar
  • 362 EXP
  • 10Lv Quest reward box

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