Chat CommandsEdit

These are the functions you can do by typing into the chat window. Typing "/help" will bring up a list of the most common chat commands.

Chat Types Talk in the different types by using the symbol followed by your message.

# = Party chat - This type of chat is only visible to members of your party.
$ = Global shout - This type of chat is seen by everyone online. You need a Megaphone to do a Global shout.
% = Club chat - This type of chat is only visible to members of your Club.
! = Alliance chat - This type of chat is only visible to any club members your Club is allied with.
@[username] = Whisper - Will start a private conversation with the person you've entered after the "@" (i.e. @gamer). Then you can type your message. Only that player will see your message.
^ = Current Map - This type of chat is only visible to players in your current Region.

Commands Here are some of the common commands. Note that for most of them, the usernames are CASE-SENSITIVE.

/friend or /f [username] = Adds player to your Friends List.
/friendde, /fd, or /fde [username] = Removes a player from your Friends List.
/friendmove, /fm, or /fmove [username] = Teleports you to your friend. Only works if the player is on your Friends List and you have a Friend Link Card.
/block [username] = Adds player to your Block List.
/119 or /911 = Teleports you back to your school for free, can only be used once everytime you log in. If you have School Return Cards, this command will use those instead.
/trade or /tr [username] = Starts a trade with the player. You will need to be within 30 distance and of the same school.
/club [username] = Invites the player to your Club.
/alliance or /ac [username] = Invites another club to become allies, can only be done with another Club Master of the same school.
/web = Opens a browser window to the URL.
/twset = Sets up a link to your Twitter.
/fbset = Sets up a link to your Facebook.
/view [username] = Views the player's character information.
/afk = Sets your character to Idle mode.
/vehicle + click on the user = Request a ride from a player that has a two-seater+ mount.

/dance1 = Dances dance 1, there are 5 dances

Keyboard ShortcutsEdit

Here's a list of the default commands and functions for your keyboard:

Space Bar Jump. Press twice to double-jump.
] Toggles auto-run.
Enter Talk in chat window.
R Change primary and secondary weapons.
X Toggle attack mode.
Tab Select closest target.
` Select closest NPC.
Arrow keys Rotates camera view.
+ / - Zooms in/out.
E Reset camera view.
Print Screen Takes a screenshot of your screen and saves it to your local My Pictures folder.
1 - 0 Use skill or item assigned on the shortcut bar.
H Publishes your character's screenshot to Facebook.
I Opens the Inventory window.
C Opens the Character window.
K Opens the Skills window.
Q Opens the Quest window.
M Opens the Region Map.
G Opens the Club window.
F Opens the Friends List.
T Opens the Bond Status window.
N Opens your Student ID.
B Opens the Item Bank.
V Toggle mini-HP and MP display.
P Hides Party member info.
F1 Opens the Help Screen.
F2 - F4 Hides/shows additional shortcut bars.
F11 Disables players' costumes.
F12 Hides the interface and names.
Esc Opens the Main Menu.

Most of these keys can be changed by going to the Game Options. Press "Esc" > Options > Game > Keys.

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