There are primarily five different types of consumable items (CIs) in-game. These are potions, cards, boxesfood, and reagents. Within these are a variety of different item types, each with different effects. Potions and food have different grades. The higher the grade and rarity then the stronger the status effect.


Food inclues a variety of items, including ApplesMomo FruitsFish, and other items. Food, when eaten, also restores your HP/MP, but unlike Potions, food may be used to cook dishes or perform alchemy.


Apples are dropped by Spirit Wood in Greenville, Wooden Pinos in Dyrano Cave, and Apple Trees in Neo Kansas. They heal a small amount of HP/MP and are virtually pointless. Why they even exist, nobody really knows, but Skalaris certainly seem to love them.

Momo FruitsEdit

There are three types of Momo Fruits - Red, Blue and Yellow. They may be eaten as they are - Red restores HP, Blue restores MP, and Yellow restores a bit of both - or they may be used, in conjunction with vials and fruit found only in the area (by gathering), to create Potions or Plants for your Dormitory room.


Fish can be caught with the Fishing skill. Players learn how to fish from Fisherman Cletus at level 5. Fishing requires  a pole, some bait and good reaction times. Poles and bait can be purchased in the local Store by talking to a Storekeeper. Fish can be regenerative or incrementative. Regenerative (spiced) fish heals a portion of your HP or MP per second for 15 seconds, while incrementative (unspiced) fish will increase your HP or MP by an amount for 600 seconds.

Fish Image Cooking cost Incrementative amount (HP/MP) Regenerative amount (HP/MP)
Baked Fish
Baked Red Fish
40 100/0 0/0
Baked Gold Fish
65 250/0 0/0
Baked Silky Fish
90 400/0 0/0
Baked Red Dot Fish
125 550/0 0/0
Baked Red Dotted Fish
200 700/0 0/0
Steamed Fish
Steamed Blue Fish
40 0/100 0/0
Steamed Brown Fish
65 0/250 0/0
Steamed Grey Fish
90 0/400 0/0
Steamed Whalebone Fish
125 0/550 0/0
Steamed Silver Fish
200 0/700 0/0
Spiced Grilled Fish
Spiced Grilled Fish
40 0/0 40/0
Grilled Fish with Made Spice
65 0/0 60/0
Grilled Fish with High Quality Spice
90 0/0 80/0
Grilled Fish with Secret Spice
125 0/0 100/0
Fantastic Grilled Fish
200 0/0 120/0
Spiced Steamed Fish

Spiced Steamed Fish

40 0/0 0/20
Steamed Fish with Made Spice
65 0/0 0/30
Steamed Fish with High Quality Spice
90 0/0 0/40
Steamed Fish with Secret Spice
125 0/0 0/50
Fantastic Steamed Fish
200 0/0 0/60


Soups can be made by combining different types of Fish together. These can be cooked by speaking to Chef Alex. These are not letter-graded but instead have different names. Soups increase your attack speed by a certain percentage for 10 minutes.

Soup Image Attack speed increase (%)
Sweet Soup
Tasty Soup
Hot Soup
Aromatic Soup
Luxury Soup


You may craft potions by speaking to a Nurse with the correct reagents. Different areas will have different grades of craftable potions. Player-crafted potions at the Nurse will always be of the advanced tier. You will need herbs (which are gathered from plants in the area), Red or Blue Momo Fruits and the corresponding Vial to craft a potion. The higher the potion grade, the larger the vial and a higher manufacturing fee you will need. Nurse Beatrice in the School Campus can craft every type of potion available to a player. As of May 2013, players can craft potions up to S grade, and SS grade potions may occasionally be given as prizes for special events, such as Saturday Knights' Fever  (SKF).

HP and MP PotionsEdit

HP/MP Potions include Cures, Restoratives (lower-grade Cures) and Advanced Cures. These do exactly what they say on the tin - they restore an amount of HP. There are two tiers of potions - normal and advanced. The advanced HP/MP cures restore 50% more than their normal counterparts. Do not be fooled by the "small chance" written on the Advanced Cures. They will ALWAYS restore their designated HP values. MP cures will always restore half of their corresponding HP potion values. Typical reagents for HP/MP potions are a vial, one corresponding Momo fruit type (Red for HP, blue for MP) and one gathered herb.


Images (HP)

Images (MP) Crafting cost (Advanced)(HP/MP) HP Restored (Normal/Advanced) MP Restored (Normal/Advanced)
E -/- 200 / - 100 / -
D 20/10 400 / 600 200 / 300
C 30/16 600 / 900 300 / 450
B 45/20 800 / 1200 400 / 600
A 65/35 1000 / 1500 500 / 750
S 100/55 - / 1800 - / 900
SS -/- - / 2100 - / 1050
SSS* N/A N/A -/- - / 2400 - / 1200
  • SSS potions are unverified to exist and are for prediction purposes only.

Boost PotionsEdit

The other type of craftable potion is a Boost Potion. These are made with essentially the same reagents as HP/MP potions, but additional Momo Fruits and special map plants are requred as the item grades increase. The three types of Boost Potions players can craft are SpeedAttack and Defence, which require Yellow, Red, and Blue Momo Fruits respectively. The boosts they give depends on their grade, and always last for 10 minutes.

Grade Crafting cost Image (Attack) Attack increase Image (Defence) Defence increase Image (Speed) Speed increase (%)
D 30 20 20 10
C 60 40 40 15
B 100 60 60 20
A 150 80 80 25
S 200 100 100 30
SS - 120 120 35


- N/A 140 N/A 140 N/A 40
  • SSS potions are for prediction purposes only.

Special PotionsEdit

Special Potions boost other aspects of the player. Some have multiple effects. Some of these potions can be bought from the Samba Shop for Sambas, while most of them can be found from Daily Login Rewards and rewards from certain events such as Saturday Knights' Fever. Where potions have a similar appearance the image is re-used.

Potion Image Effect Duration
EXP Potion
Increases EXP gained by 1.5 times (red) / 2 times (pink)

1 hour

6 hours

12 hours

Easies Drink Recovers HP by 2% every second, increases defence poewr by 5 30 minutes
Frenzy Drink Increases movement speed by 20% and attack speed by 15% 30 minutes
Powered Drink
Recovers HP by 2% every second, increases attack power by 5 30 minutes
Oblivion Potion
Resets your character's skill points Until you reassign skill points


Cards are used for a wide variety of purposes in RK, incuding teleportation, temporary boosts, quick access to certain interfaces without having to interact with their NPC, expansions to inventory and bank, the Pet system, and the Student ID system. One card can only be used once, with the exception of Pet Cards, which is used to summon a pet. Once the pet is unsummoned, it will automatically revert to card form in your inventory.

Card Image Effect when used
Auction Link Allows you to access the auction interface without finding Kim.
Bank Expansion Adds a page of slots to your Bank account.
Bank Link Allows you to access your bank from anywhere.
Character Slot Adds another character slot to your account (allows you to make another character on the same account).
Chatting Allows you to chat with a player from the other School using the Match system.
Dorm Invitation Teleports a friend into your dormitory(?)
Dorm Teleport Teleports you to your dormitory.
Friend Link Allows you to teleport to a friend or club member. The other person must accept the teleport.
Hair Color Change Changes your character's hair color. You may choose from a fully colored palette.
Hairstyle Change Changes your character's hair style. All options are available, as well as the 6 from Character Creation.
Last Point Return Teleports you to the previous map you were in (excluding Club Challenge / Club War and other Dungeons).
Mailbox Link Allows you to access the mail interface without needing to find the mailbox.
Pet Card Summons the named pet, which will give you boosts depending on its type and level.
Pet Food Refills your pet's energy by 50% / 100% as stated (your pet uses energy while it is summoned).
Pet Rename Allows you to assign a new name to your pet (max 12 letters).
Pet Skill When used on a pet, allows your pet to pick up the items stated beside the name of the card in brackets. Pets can equip more than one skill and you can switch between equipped skills at will.
Quick Slot Expansion Adds another Quick Slot bar / Hotbar to your character (Quick Slot bars / Hotbars can be toggled using F2/3/4)
Repair Allows you to access the Repair interface without having to go to a Mecher. You will still have to pay the price of repair.
Re-spawn Point Teleports you to your resurrection point (the Nurse to whom you said "I would wish to revive here). You can see your respawn point if you hover your mouse over the card.
School Return Teleports you back to your School Campus.


Boxes come in many varied shapes and sizes. These include the Costume set packRandom costume boxFurniture packVIP pack, various Bundles, as well as Treasure Chests and Reward Boxes. Certain RK serverwide events will have special boxes which are only available for those events. These are not listed here. Asterisked boxes are available in the Samba Shop only.

Box Image Effect when used
Dungeon Pack*
Furniture Set* Gives you a set of furniture (named in brackets) for your dormitory.
Pet Package* Contains a set of items for keeping your pet's energy fully topped up.
Reward Box Grants a random item depending on the level of the box. May be crafting materials, Advanced potions or Complimentary Scrolls. Obtained when a quest is completed. These exist in 5-level increments from 5 to 60, and can be opened at any level.
Kasmari Pack*
Random Outfit Box Chance to drop from the big treasure chests of bosses, contains a random piece of 7-day outfit related to the boss. Mara dungeons' outfits from this box are not found in the Samba Shop.
Outfit Set Box* Gives you the named outfit set. Mainly for apparel and concealment of your enhancement glows.
Treasure Chest Reward for beating Dungeon Quests, may contain enhancement or crafting material. Chests from Dyrano or higher may also contain Gold Gems and Marbles.
VIP Pack* Contains several different cards, several Revival Marbles and 


Reagents are items which can be traded to NPCs in-game for a benefit or other item. Examples include enhancement and crafting.

Name Image Used for...
Coating Oil Enhancing your armor at the Mecher.
Complimentary Scrolls Novice, Expert or Intermediate - gather the correct quantity and Reed can exchange it for a Rare or Unique level 15+ Ring or Pendant.
Crystals 5 grades - Low/Med/High Quality Strange, and Advanced/Major Alien. Can be used to craft Rare (Lv20+) or Unique (Lv40+) weapons and armor at Dr. Chow.
Fabrics 5 grades - Normal, Quality, Silk, Mystic, and Magic. Can be used to craft Rare (Lv20+) or Unique (Lv40+) weapons and armor at Dr. Chow.

Enhancing your weapon at the Mecher.

Gold Gems Can be Small (Lv40), Normal (Lv50) or Big (Lv60) and randomly dropped from dungeon chests from Dyrano and above (type depends on minimum level req). Can be used to craft Unique (Lv40+) weapons at Dr. Chow.
Gold Marbles Can be Small (Lv40), Normal (Lv50) or Big (Lv60) and randomly dropped from dungeon chests from Dyrano and above (type depends on minimum level req)
Red Gems Can be Small (Lv40), Normal (Lv50) or Big (Lv60), can be purchased with social points from Reed. Used to craft unique weapons with set effects.
Red Marbles Can be Small (Lv40), Normal (Lv50) or Big (Lv60), can be purchased with social points from Reed. Used to craft unique armor with set effects.
Gemstones 4 types - Fire, Ice, Electric,and Poison. Can be used to craft Element Marbles at Dr. Chow or craft special dorm furniture at Carpenter Haywood.

Other Consumable itemsEdit

Other consumable items may give your character an edge in other ways, or allow your character to do otherwise prohibited things. They may be purchased from the Samba Shop.

Consumable item Image Effect when used
Megaphone Allows your character to use the global chat ($<message>)
Revival Marble Allows your character to revive on the spot and prevent loss of EXP and Mar. Does not prevent fatigue.

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