Undead Samurai Warrior

Level: 37

Location: Dyrano Cave

Skill List:Edit

  • Restriction - Movement speed -100% (root) and Poison effect dealing additional 50% damage for 3 seconds.
  • Wide Area Attack Speed Decrease - Attack Speed -10% for 5 seconds

Notes: There is an unknown animation, triggered around 28% HP in which Dyrano sucks an air of poison. The ffects are currently unknown and seems to show no difference in performance. Take this as an opening delay, though not often seen.

There is also an attack that appears similar to Kagumusha's Electric Ball but without paralysis. A ranged attack?

There is also an attack that glows Dyrano's sword to red. Powered attack?


Strategy (Solo):Edit

Soloing this boss on hard would be quite difficult. Even if at level 36 (the minimum level) the player reaches him, they will find that his Restriction skill deals massive amounts of damage for their level, unless their defense is rather high. The Restriction skill usually allows time for only one hit, but because it is not a once-only HP activated skill it can be really deadly at times. The best method is to stall the attack for the next 3 seconds. Care should also be avoided to not attract any aggro from the surrounding Dark Susante, due to their high-damaging ranged attack.

QUESTION - Restriction


StrikerFreezing Kick, Ultimate Evasion, or Sprint (to freeze/dodge the attack), then Rolling Attack to recover HP.

CrasherPerfect Defence or Block Wall (absorbs the attack/reduces its damage), then Rolling Attack to recover HP.

Heavy Launcher: Backstep or Moving Shot (jumps back) and then immediately Storm Caller (to flinch/stun)

Dual Gunner: Extension Shot, Air Spin Shot or Weakness Seeking (flinch/accuracy decrease) (UNTESTED)

Priest: Holy Shield (absorbs the hit) or Mass Healing (after the hit). Regen helps to counter the effects of Poison.

ElementalistIce Spikes / other Freeze skill or Energy Screen (reduces its damage) (UNTESTED)

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