The Knight is asked to help out the President of the Woman's Society with a pest problem, and meets their first Guild Agent.

Quest Progression:Edit

President of the Woman's Society: Those Thief Bunny keep taking things from my house, which is annoying me. Can you take care of them>

Knight:"Yes, let me take care of it.

President of the Woman's Society: They are not easy to handle, so please be careful.

Knight: Don't worry.

1. Take care of the Thief Bunnies

We've recieved reports that the Thief Bunny groups have started invading the town. Go help solve the issue.

GOAL: Hunt Thief Bunny (x4)

2. Find Grandma Martha

Now that the invasion is taken care of, report to the President of the Woman's Society.

GOAL:President of the Woman's Society

President of the Woman's Society: You already took care of them? You are really good. I am feeling good so I will do one favor if I can.

Knight: I heard you have the ability to look at my past.

President of the Woman's Society: Even though I can look into a someone's past, wouldn't you know your past better?

Knight: That's true... but I don't remember.

President of the Woman's Society: I see. Wait just a moment... Hmm... weird. This has never happened before. Something is strong... a big force... is blocking your mind. It might have something to do with the Dark Oracle.

Knight: "Really? What do I do?"

President of the Woman's Society: Go to Guild Agent D. He might know something.

Knight: Yes, I got it.

  • Guild Agent D quest is triggered.


  • 200 Mar
  • 294 EXP
  • 5LV Quest reward box

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