sends the Knight on another mission - this time, to eliminate some pesky Skalari.

Quest Progression:Edit

Knight: "Is there anything for me to do?"

M: "There have been recent appearances of Trash sprite, which are Skalari that have been affected by the cursed marble energy. Go eliminate them."

Knight: "OK... I got it."

M: "The road to Knighthood is very hard. I believe in you."

Knight: "Yes... I understand."

1. Eliminate the Trash Sprite

Eliminate the Trash Sprite

GOAL: Hunt Trash Sprite (x9)

2. Find Guild Agent M

Please talk to Guild Agent M

GOAL: Find Guild Agent M

M: "That's great. The number of Skalari has decrased greatly."

Knight: "Thanks."

--The Knight smiles.--

M: "Ah! There have been reports of the cursed marble energy not only affects affecting plants and animals, but now humans as well. Garbage Man Joe is currently investigating that, so go see him and talk to him."

Knight: "Yes... I understand."

-> Completion triggers quest: Meet Garbage Man Joe


  • 220 Mar
  • 362 EXP
  • Lv 10 Quest reward box

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