Enchanted MarbleEdit

Is an enhancement item found in Remnant Knights. It is used to enahance the abilities of weapons you use in the game. Different marbles have varying effects, and can be crafted at Dr. Chow inside each of the school campuses.

Crafting table for Enchanted MarblesEdit

Here's the table on how to craft the different grades of marbles:



Ice E Ice E 5
Fire E Fire E 5
Electric E Electric E 5
Poison E Poison E 5
Ice D Ice D 10 10
Fire D Fire D 10 10
Electric D Electric D 10 10
Poison D Poison D 10 10
Ice C Ice C 15 15
Fire C Fire C 15 15
Electric C Electric C 15 15
Poison C Poison C 15 15
Ice B Ice B 20 20
Fire B Fire B 20 20
Electric B Electric B 20 20
Poison B Poison B 20 20
Ice A Ice A 25 25
Fire A Fire A 25 25
Electric A Electric A 25 25
Poison A Poison A 25 25
Ice S Ice S 30 30
Fire S Fire S 30 30
Electric S Electric S 30 30
Poison S Poison S 30 30

Marble EffectsEdit

Ice S ICE MARBLE - Chance to cause a cold effect.
Chances to cause a cold effect and the duration vary, depending on the Ice Marble that they are using. E D C B A S
1% / 1sec 2% / 1sec 3% / 1sec 3% / 1sec 4% / 2sec 5% / 2secs

Fire S FIRE MARBLE - Chance to cause a flame effect.
On attack, there is a 5% chance to cause a Flame Effect for 5 sec(s). An explosion will occur damaging 3 targets within 30 range for additional E D C B A S
20% (28) damage 25% (35) damage 30% (42) damage 35% (49) damage 40% (56) damage 50% (71) damage

Electric S ELECTRIC MARBLE - Chance to cause a paralysis effect.
On attack,% chance to cause a Paralysis Effect for 5 sec(s). Chances depends on the type of Electric Marble E D C B A S
5% chance 6% chance 7% chance 8% chance 9% chance 10% chance

Poison S POISON MARBLE - Chance to cause a poison effect.
On attack,there is a 5% chance to cause a Poison Effect for 5 sec(s). Additional damage changes depends on the Poison Marble being used. E D C B A S
50% additional dmg 60% additional dmg 70% additional dmg 80% additional dmg 90% additional dmg

100% additional dmg

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