The introductory quest line continues with "Find Rare Weapon/Armor Store", which introduces armor types to the Knights.

Normal is denoted by white lettering;

High is denoted by green;

Rare is denoted by purple;

Unique is denoted by yellow;

Legendary is denoted by orange.

Sets of armor can be achieved by wearing more than one item (armor or weapon) that fits into the specific set. When 2 or more are equied, you get an extra boost of stats (more stats the more gear is equied).

Quest ProgressionEdit


1. Find Rare Weapon/Armor Store

Go visit Rare Weapon/Armor Store, he should have some new gear for you.

GOAL: Find Rare Weapon/Armor Store

Rare Weapon/Armor Store: "Oh! I see the newcomer has come. I heard all about it from Student Council Member Meghan. Now... try this on."

Knight: "Yes."

Rare Weapon/Armor Store: "Don't even think about complaining that it doesn't fit. If that armor I made doesn't fit, it's not the armor's fault, it's your body's fault."

Knight: "Su... sure. (Who is this guy... geez.)"


1. Find Rare Weapon/Armor Store

Senior Knights Deal with way more powerful Skalari than what you've seen. You'll need better equipment. Visit the Rare Weapon/Armor Store to get better items.

GOAL: Find Rare Weapon/Armor Store

Rare Weapon/Armor Store: Oh! So you are the newbies that just came to the school. I heard all about you from Student Guard Jenna. Here... try this on.

Knight: Alright

Rare Weapon/Armor Store: Don't even think about complaining that it doesn't fit you right. If it doesn't fit your body, not the armor that I made that's wrong, it's your body's fault for not fitting.

Knight: Sure. (Who is this guy? Geez.)


  • 291 EXP
  • Cape of Apprentice (Level 5, Defence: 10, Max HP +20)
  • 5LV Quest reward box

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