Beau, another cook jealous of Khan, summons the Knight once he has spotted the Knight talking to Khan. Beau sends the Knight off on another request... to make his cooking even better than Khan's!

Quest Progression:Edit

Beau: "Shh. Can you keep a secret? Everyone knows my cooking is better than Chef Khan's."

Knight: "Can I help you with something?"

Beau: "Hmm, well, as a matter of fact... People have been complaining my chili isn't as spicy as Khan's. If only I had the Essence of Spicy Onion in there. It's said to be so hot it 'burns both ways'! Do you think you can get me some?"

Knight: "Whoa, that sounds really hot."

Beau: "Yeah, but if I use it, I'll be the talk of the town. That's why I need you to help me find the Essence of Spicy Onion."

Knight: "Sure, I'll try my best."

1. Please collect some Essence of Spicy Onion

Please collect Essence of Spicy Onion from the Spicy Onion.

GOAL: Collect Essence of Spicy Onion (x5)

2. Please talk to Beau

Please talk to Beau

GOAL: Find Beau.

Beau: "Ack, my eyes! They sting! What is that?"

Knight: "Here's the Essence of Spicy Onion that you asked for."

Beau: "Oh great! Wooo, man that is powerful stuff. Great work."

Knight: "No problem, just be careful with that stuff."


  • 250 Mar
  • 571 EXP
  • 10Lv Quest reward box

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