"Finding Test Material" involves gathering, as the name rightfully suggests, test material from several different Skalari. It is activated upon reaching level 4.

Quest ProgressionEdit

1. Eliminate Sprout

Eliminate Sprout

GOAL: Hunt Sprout (x4)

2. Please gather Test material from Angry Daisy

Please collect the Test material from the Angry Daisy

GOAL: Get Test Material (x3)

3. Please talk to Student Guard Jenna

Student Guard Jenna

Please report to Student Guard Jenna about your test results.

GOAL: Find Student Guard Jenna

Student Guard Jenna: Hello. What do you need?

Knight: PE Teacher AJ sent it. (Hand over the Test material.)

'Jenna': Wow! That's pretty good. You should be more than ready to become an official student. I am a member of the advancement analysis team. We are in charge of the advancement testing for students. Congratulations on becoming an official student. One other thing, one fo the heroes fo the member of First Knights is coming to visit. Ah~ just thinking about it makes me excited!

Knight: Heroes? First Group of Knights?

'Jenna': Huh? You don't know about the First Knights?

Knight: Yes, it's my first time hearing about it...

'Jenna': Hmm... I shoudn't be telling you this but since you helped me, I will. But you can't tell anyone that I told you. Promise?

Knight: Okay, I promise!

'Jenna': In the past, the Dark Oracles were Practicing evil magic in a place called Helixion so a group of thirteen Knights were sent. Although three of them weren't able to return, the other ten members defeated the Dark Oracles and came back safely. The reason we are able to work hard to become a Knights today is because of them.

Knight: I see. (I wonder why three of them didn't return.)


  • 170 Mar
  • 918 EXP
  • 5LV Quest reward box

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