Flinching is defined as "the process of negating a skill or attack by cancelling it during its pre-hit animation".

Methods of FlinchingEdit

Flinching can be achieved via one of two ways:

  • Rapidly hitting a player. Each normal hit has a small chance (~1-2%) to cause a flinch effect.
  • Casting certain skills (class-specific).

Flinching SkillsEdit

Several skills will manually induce a flinch effect when used:

  • Dance Time (Striker)
  • Extension Shot (Dual Gunner)
  • Hands and Feet (Striker)
  • James's Hammer (Crasher)
  • Jump Push (Striker)(? - could also be Combo Attack)
  • Storm Caller (Heavy Launcher)

Flinching StrategyEdit

Flinching will cancel any attack, normal or skill. Therefore the best method to use this would be to cancel a deadly skill from a Skalari. Common flinched skills include Damage Reflect (Keepers of Sitha / Itnin), Restriction (Dyrano/Bulka/Nesarose/Arfa), and, to a lesser degree, Magic Tornado (Sitha). Note that with Restriction, even if the flinch misses, it will cancel the next attack which will prevent the boss from dealing massive damage to the player (because of the duration of Restriction, bosses can only get one attack in before it wears off - so flinching after restriction may be a better option since Restriction itself is hard to see and aim).

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