Grimkeeper attacking player using forward electric attack

Guard Leader of the Dark Oracles

Level: 42 

Location: Abandoned Nest

Note: If you are the party leader, you must have one inventory slot open to get the key to open the door for the next quest.

Skill List:Edit

  • Twinge - AoE Paralysis effect to 2(?) players within 100 distance.
  • Forward Electric AoE Attack - A straight linear attack, refer to picture. AoE range is 100 distance while the forward direction is 150. Does only damage.

Recommended Strategy:Edit

Kite away his minions which spawn first before he does by your tank. Follow up by kiting him away if other minions are present or engage instantly.

As his attacks are of a conical range forward, ranged units should be at the back to support the tank as his range seems of lesser reach of only 100. If he strikes you with paralysis, feel free to spam heals or other skills with larger damage to make up for the lesser atk speeds.

The same strategy to beat this miniboss will apply also to the main Boss.

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