The Haunted House, or House of Ruin is the first dungeon that Knights will encounter and is part of their initiation test. It is available for players level 5 to 15. The Haunted House is located in Hillville for Owls and House of Ruin in Fortville for Dragons.


Haunted house map

Map of Haunted House / House of Ruin



OK, first of all, this is the easiest dungeon EVER. If you need help on this then you've gone horribly wrong somewhere. Nevertheless, the tip here is do not die on your way out. The mobs in Room #2 die off fast and don't really require any skill except your mob control abilities. But nevertheless they should die in around two hits.

Frequently Asked QuestionsEdit

QUESTION: Swarming


Fight Circle - Rolling Attack to recover HP.

Gun Circle  - Bazooka (HP DoT)

Magic Circle - Fireball (HP DoT)

QUESTION: Dying while trying to exit

ANSWER: Don't stand around in the middle of nowhere surrounded by mobs like a sitting duck. Make sure your HP and MP is full by using potions/sitting down/tension before you run outside. If in doubt kill all the mobs SLOWLY but don't lure them all at once. Not only will you look stupid if you can't control them, you'll also die.

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