"Help Student Council Member Kevin" is an introductory quest for Owl Knights and introduces them to the combat system as well as the masterminds manipulating the Skalari - the Dark Oracle Cult.

Quest ProgressionEdit


Student Council Member Kevin

1. Find Student Council Member Kevin

Follow the arrows, they'll lead you to Student Council Member Kevin, or whatever your current quest objective is.

Student Council Member Kevin: Hi. I am in charge of the apprenticeship testing. Nice yo meet you. Since you are here, that means you have a basic sensitivity towards the marble.

Knight: Yes, I have passed the Sphere of Knowledge research test.

Kevin: However just because you can sense marble doesn't mean you are ready for anything. You need to know how to use that power. In the past, the Dark Oracle used the marble Power for evil by trying to open the demon doors. That energy has spread and weird things have stared to happen in the surrounding aread. These Skalari in front of you are the results. Eleminating them is on of the stepps of your test. use the attack skills that you have to eliminate the Skalari and collect the Synergen Shard.

Knight: Ok, I goit it.

2. Using the Attack Skill.

Use the Attack Skill using the '1' key under the quick slot.

3. Help Student Council Member Kevin

Gather Synergen Shards by defeating the Meep.

GOAL: Get Synergen Shard (x5)

4. Return to Student Council Member Kevin

Return to Student Council Member Kevin with the proof of your success.

GOAL: Find Student Council Member Kevin

Kevin: Wow! That's great. Level 1: passed!

Knight: (A small smile.)

Kevin: Then go ahead and eliminate the rest of the Skalari.

Knight: Sure... (This is harder than I thought.)


  • 120 Mar
  • 436 EXP
  • 5LV Quest reward box
  • Speed Potion (D) x2

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