Apprentice Dark Priest of the Dark Oracles

Level: 43

Location: Abandoned Nest

Skill List:Edit

  • Wide Area Rate of Movement Decrease -  Does 100% of current attack strength for (xxx) damage. Reduces moving speed by 10% for 5 seconds.
  • Pushback - Pushes back targets within 50 distance by 50 distance.
  • Wide Area Demoralization - (HP trigger 10% and below)  Attack power +80% for 5 seconds.


He has a normal attack AoE, range around 50.

Also uses what appears to be a charge up animation where he levitates and sucks poison energy in. It is currently unknown what it actually does nor does it show any difference in his performance. Assume this as an opening delay between his attacks.

Roughly estimated raw attack power (unbuffed and w/o defense protection) - 400-500, can not be above 600.

All this data is taken on Hard difficulty setting.

Recommended Strategy:Edit

As with Grim, eliminate all the minions first before working on the machine. Unlike Grim however, the boss spawns close to or at the same time as his minions so sniping and kiting his minions or luring his minions away (if you're a fighter class) when he changes routes is ideal. There maybe more minions to follow up after the first.

Other than having a slightly bigger AoE range and having Valor's slow movement, there's not much a difference to beating him as you would Grim. There is a good opening when he 'floats and charge' up -- take this as time to do Mass healing, retreat or other skill that takes casting.

The most important thing to note is, be wary of his wide demoralize, of which you should either be buffed for defense or unleash all your best attack skills on him at once and finish him quickly.

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