The Knight is asked to investigate some children seemingly affected by the marble energy. 

Quest Progression:Edit

Steven: "I'm busy now. I(s) this something really important?"

Knight: "Is there anything I can help with?"

Steven: "Those people that have been affected by the cursed marble energy are now showing up around school. We call them Akolights but the teachers won't take our reports seriously. I think the only way is to find a person affected by the cursed marble energy."

Knight: "Really? That's not good..."

Steven: "There's a suspicious man nearby. Every time I try to question him, he runs away. Can you try and see if you have better luck questioning him?"

Knight: "Yes, I'll give it a shot."

1. Please investigate Cursed Children

Please investigate Cursed Children

GOAL: Find Cursed Children.

--The Cursed Children laugh evilly.--

Knight: "(What the... scary...)"

Cursed Child: "Dark... Oracle ... Helexion..."

Knight: "Dark Oracles?"

2. Please talk to Student Leader Steven.

Please talk to Student Leader Steven.

GOAL: Find Student Leader Steven.

Steven: "I am busy right now. Can you get to the point?"

Knight: "I heard them mumbling about the Dark Oracles."

Steven: "Really? I knew I was right. I better go report to the professors. Thanks."

Knight: "No. Let's do it next time."


  • 220 Mar
  • 362 EXP
  • 10LV Quest reward box

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