So... you've helped out a lot of people, and you've been hearing about all sorts of things - Knights, Dark Oracles, and other whatnot - and here you are! Not only is this your first dungeon of many to come, it is also the test you require from Guild Agent M to be a Knight!

Quest Progression - Dragon School:Edit

Knight: "Is there anything for me to do?"

M: "The School has a testing ground that has been filled with the force of cursed marble to test your abilities. Go there and show us how good you are."

Knight: "Ok, I'll try my best."

M: "The road to Knighthood is very hard. I believe in you."

Knight: "Yes... I understand."

1. Find the House of Ruin

In order to determine whether you have what it takes to become a Knight, retrieve the certification documents hidden in a Treasure Chest within the House of Ruin.

GOAL: Reach Fortville - House of Ruin.

2. Go into the House of Ruin

Go into the House of Ruin

GOAL: Go to House of Ruin

Quest Progression: Owl School:Edit


  • 100 Mar
  • 362 EXP
  • 10Lv Quest reward box

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