Congrats! You have just survived your first Dungeon. There will be many more to come, but for now take a slight breather and relax, you've succeeded in becoming a Knight!

Quest Procedure - Dragon School:Edit

1. Return for confirmation

Return for confirmation

GOAL: Reach Knight Shelter


M: "Great! You have more than enough talent to become a Knight!"

--The Knight cheers.--

2. Meet Guild Agent M

Get the confirmation and reward from Guild Agent M.

GOAL: Find Aguild Agent M.

M: "Great job! You got what it takes to be a Knight of Kasmari!"

Knight: "Thank you!"

M: "The road to Knighthood is very hard... I belive in you."

Knight: "Yes... I understand."

Quest Procedure - Owl School:Edit


  • 100 Mar
  • 362 EXP
  • 10Lv Quest reward box

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