This tutorial quest introduces the Knight to the concept of Fishing. Fishing may be used to obtain raw ingredients for cooking, which can be used to produce a variety of stat-boosting food.

Quest Progression:Edit

1. Open the inventory

Equip fishing rod when you want to fish. First, press 'I' to see if you have a rod in your inventory.

GOAL: Press 'I' and check your inventory for a Fishing Rod.

2. Equip Fishing Rod

As with any other item, double click on the Fishing Rod to equip it. To make it your secondary equipment, press 'R' to switch equipment, then equip it.

GOAL: Equip the Fishing Rod.


Cletus: "You seem interested in fishin'! Try fishin' like the other students over yonder."

3. Please go to a fishing spot

Equip the Fishing Rod with Candy manufacturing material which Fisherman Cletus has lent you, and go to the fishing spot. From there you can fish wherever there's water.

GOAL: Reach Pond

4. Catch a fish and take it to Fisherman Cletus

Catch a fish and show it to Fisherman Cletus.

GOAL: Find Fisherman Cletus

Cletus: "Hmm... you have nothing. Go and catch some fish and come back."

Knight: "Ah... sorry. I will go catch some fish."

Cletus: "That's great!"

--Cletus laughs.--

Cletus: "Your skills are good enough for survival. Don't forget to always carry around the fishing pole."

Knight: "Yes, I got it."


  • 220 Mar
  • 291 EXP
  • Red Fish x5
  • 5LV Quest reward box

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