Gg support gmteam

Always ready to help out, we have Game Masters (GMs) available in game 24/7. Game Masters are there to assist players and host live events and contests.

Some of ways a GM can provide in-game support is resetting forgotten character and club bank passwords, teleporting players that get stuck, and answering game related questions. They can also insure everyone's enjoyment of the game by keeping an eye out for trolls or cheaters, so please contact a GM if you are being harassed by another player or find someone breaking game rules.
Gg support gmtag

Players can recognize Game Master characters by their title and club ("GM") with the GameSamba logo (shown right). Announcements made by GMs will appear at the top of the screen and in the notification section of the Chat Window. Only GMs can do global shouts that appear in red with the GM tag.

Gg support gmtalk

Remember that no Game Master will ask you for your username, password, or private information. If you have an issue with your account or billing that will require these information, they will direct you to the ticket system.

So feel free to say hi to the GM on duty or just hang out with them at the schools. Have fun and see you in-game!

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