Magic summoning circles are one time only circles activated via an item in your inventory or action near the circle to pull the magic out of the circle. These circles could reveal any of the following but is not limited to:


New NPCs that want to kill you


How to activateEdit

1. Click the circle or item on the ground and keep it targeted

2. Open your inventory

3. Right click the whistle - firework or any item stated to remove seal

4. Watch out - a boss spawns (kill it)

5. At this point you may need to run somewhere to complete your quest

6. Profit

Watch out forEdit

1. Another player killing your monsters. If someone else kills monsters that spawn for your magic cirlce you will have to restart the entire quest

2. Be careful not to attack someone elses monsters as you come up on your magic circle. You can not complete your quest any way if you do not break the seal on the magic circle yourself.

- Let them defeat their monsters or talk to their NPC(s)

- Wait 2 minutes

- A new magic circle spawns

- Remove the magic seal as stated above

3. If you can stand back from the seal. When the mobs spawn you don't want them to hit you right away as that already puts you at a disadvantage.

4. Do not try to kite or "pull" the monsters to far from where they spawned. They can and will vanish and you will have to restart the quest.


This is a list of quests that have the circle. If you know of more, feel free to add them.

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