This quest introduces new Knights to the element of fishing. Fishing can be used in a wide variety of ways. A Knight can eat the fish themselves, or use them to make more potent potions and soups which boost stats. There is also a chance of obtaining a rare chest or temporary Dorm decoration upon each successful line cast. Speak to the Rare Weaon/Armor Store after you meet them 

Quest Progression:Edit


Speak to Rare Weapon/Armor Store to trigger the quest.

Rare Weapon/Armor Store: "Becoming a Knight requires many specific skills, one of them being survival skills. Go to Fisherman Cletus and learn the survival skills."

Knight: "OK, got it."

Rare Weapon/Armor Store: "Give him my regards."

Knight: "Okay."

1. Meet Fisherman Cletus

Meet Fisherman Cletus

GOAL: Find Fisherman Cletus

Cletus: "Welcome. You must be a new student. I am sure you heard but in order to become a great Knight, there's another skill other than being able to freely control the marble power. That's the survival skills. A great hero won't be around for long if they starve to death..."

--Cletus laughs.--

Cletus: "...and it's not like you can carry around a lunch box."

Knight: "That's right."

Cletus: "That's why if you learn to fish, it will help in providing you food during your adventure... Here is a fishing pole and some bait. Go over to the pond and try fishing."

Knight: "OK."


Speak to Rare Weapon/Armor Store to trigger the quest.

Rare Weapon/Armor Store: Many skills are needed to become a Knight. Survival skills are among the most important. Go to Fisherman Cletus and he will teach you the survival skills.

Knight: Okay, got it.

Rare Weapon/Armor Store: Give him my regards.

Knight: Okay.

1. Find Fisherman Cletus

Find the Fisherman Cletus and ask him for lessons.

GOAL: Find Fisherman Cletus

Cletus: Welcome. You must be a new student. As you have heard, there are important skills needed for becoming a Knight other than handling the marble powers. It's survival skills. No matter how big of a hero you are, you have to eat to survive and it's not like you can pack a lunch every day.

Knights: Yes?

Cletus: That's why if you learn how to fish, you will be able to feed yourself anywhere. Here is Fishing Rod and Bait(50). Go to the pond over there and try fishing.

Knight: Okay


  • 200 Mar
  • 294 EXP
  • Fishing Rod
  • Bait (50)

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