This is the second dungeon available to Knights. Meteorite Crater is located in James Isle while Meteor Swamp is in Sunset Pier. It is available at levels 18-27 and requires the Knight to rescue an accident-prone researcher.


Meteor swamp map

Map of Meteorite Swamp/Crater



This dungeon also shouldn't be too hard for the average player (unless you're trying it on Hard at level 18 in which case you'll need really good gear or really good skills with a limited skillset). Once you have filled your intial quest quota of killed mobs you can choose to rush straight past the rest and into the final room, or killing everything else. The latter option is slower but safer and most new players use this method, mainly due to a lack of knowledge of the other method at this point - no offence. The boss doesn't really have any useful skills at all, so just make sure you keep your HP topped up. After the boss is dead, just run with the Researcher to the exit portal and you're out!

Frequently Asked QuestionsEdit

QUESTION: I die in the final room!

ANSWER: You probably got swarmed by lots of Worms.

Striker/Crasher- Rolling Attack to recover HP.

Dual Gunner - Weakness or Slow Marble Bomb (slowdowns) or Light Grenade (accuracy decrease) or Moving Shot (50dist. jumpback- but watch out for the wall behind you!)

Heavy Launcher - Polar Pulsator or Storm Caller (ice/silence and root), and Backstep or Moving Shot (it is possible to have all of these skills by level 18.)

Priest - Self-explanatory. HEAL.

Elementalist - Ice Spikes to freeze, Energy Screen to reduce damage,

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