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Mounts provide you with a quicker, and more stylish, way of traveling within a region.

Right at the beginning upon reaching level 2, you will be given a quest to get a temporary jet board (shown left). The quest will inform you about the basics on using a mount. The temporary jet board will expire soon, but don't worry! You will get another quest at level 15 for a permanent jet board.

In higher level Regions, you can buy special temporary mounts at the stores located in the Knight Shelters. Unlimited versions and exclusive mounts can be bought in the Premium Shop. This would include mounts that can seat two people, sci-fi jets, fantastical creatures, creatures that aren't so fantastical, and much more!

Gg mounts examples

Using a MountEdit

Gg mounts bar

To use a mount, right-click the mount's icon. You can also assign it to your Shortcut Bar and press the number of the slot it is in. A mount window (shown right) will appear on your screen showing the fuel gauge of the mount. Hovering your cursor over the bar will show you how much Synergen is remaining.

Gg mounts refueler
Once activated, the mount will consume Synergen, even if you are not moving. When the fuel gauge reaches zero, you will not be able to move until the mount is refueled at a Synergen Refueler (shown left).

You must be on the mount to fuel it. If your mount's Synergen is zero, activate it only when you are right next to the refueler. Then double-click the refueler and buy more Synergen for your mount.

Mounts have different speeds, Synergen consumption rates, and fuel tank sizes. Hovering your cursor over a mount's icon will show you the details about that mount (shown right).

Maximum Synergen Charge: Max amount of Synergen the mount holds.
Gg mounts info

Synergen Consumption Rate: The amount of Synergen consumed every 10 seconds.
Movement Speed: The mount's speed. Current max speed is 130.


To ride with another player, you need to be of the same school and stand near them when their two-seater mount is activated. Right-click the player to bring up the Character Menu and select "Request Ride". You can also use a Chat Command and type "/vehicle [playername]".
Gg mounts request

Once the player accepts, you are both ready to zoom over the lands! Note that clicking anywhere on the ground or doing a skill will dismount you.

Only a few bikes and large creature mounts can seat two people. Although there are rumors that Kasmari engineers have been working on mounts that can seat even more...

List of MountsEdit

Mount Name Max. Synergen Mount Speed Availability
Hover Scooter 80 Complete Level 2 Quest (7 Day mount)
Jet Board 1000 80 Complete Level 15 Quest
Marble Bike 1000 100

Daily Login Reward, Samba Shop, Progression Perk Reward

Air Jet 1000 100 Daily Login Reward, Samba Shop
Warrwulf 1000 100 Samba Shop
Battle Hog 1000 100 Samba Shop
Hippo 1000 100 Daily Login Reward, Samba Shop
Milk Cow 1000 100 Daily Login Reward, Samba Shop
Baby Milk Calf 1000 100
Santa Bike 1000 100 N/A
Golden Cow 600 80 N/A
Hover Jet 1000 100
Love Machine 1000 100 Samba Shop
Princess Scooter 1000 100 Samba Shop
White Tiger 2160 100 Daily Login Reward, Samba Shop
War Horse 1000 120 Daily Login Reward, Samba Shop
Marble Plane 3000 130 Daily Login Reward, Samba Shop
Unicorn Greenville
Kelpie Greenville, Samba Shop
Poison Fox 1800 85 Ghost Town
Ice Fox 2400 90 Forest of Silence
Western Eagle 3000 90 Neo Kansas
Ferocious Eagle 3000 90 Neo Kansas
Desert Fox 3600 95 Mara
Cursed Camel 4200 100 Mara, Samba Shop
Elasi 100 Samba Shop
Rhino 100 Samba Shop
Kasper Samba Shop
Santa Sleigh N/A
Baby Nine-Tailed Fox N/A
Pokesaurus Invite a Friend Reward (7 Day mount)
Love Balloon N/A 
Love Air Balloon N/A
Queen Ant Samba Shop
Tarantula VIP Only (30 Day mount)
Alphonse 2000 115 Samba Shop

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