Neo kansas map

Neo Kansas

The penultimate map available to knights, with quests ranging from level 45 to 52. The landscape should be remniscient of a famous 1933 movie (no hints!) and Neo Kansas is also famous for its tornadoes and cows. There is a broken yellow road in the Apple Farm at its center, which is supposed to lead to Greenville (but since someone broke it the Knights will just have to take the ArchCity Airlines instead~). At 3 dungeons in the map, this is the second map with the most numerous dungeons, behind only Mara with 7.

Neo Kansas' past has been plagued with the rumours of three witches living deep in the caves there, and it is up to the Knights to take them out.

The Plant of Oz is also found on this map.

There also use to be a cave known as "Tornado Pit" similar to Forbidden Mine near the top left of the map. Which was removed.


Wine CellarEdit

The first witch, Fire Witch Bulka, dwells deep in the Wine Cellar. She has also captured the soul of a certain Dorothy and transformed it into an evil minon. Due to her unique magical powers she can cause Skalari to respawn faster than normal compared to other dungeons. Knights raiding this dungeon must be prepared for a fast run, or will get absolutely nowhere at all. Required level: 49-58

Ruined MineEdit

The second witch, Wind Witch Willicia, makes her lair inside this mine filled with Ghost Miners and Demolition Bombers. Knights must battle past several strong Gem-armed Miners (Sapphire, Emerald and Ruby) if they are to stand a chance against her. Required level: 50-59

Forbidden MineEdit

Knights willing to absolve the crisis of Neo Kansas must further venture into the Forbidden Mine and engage Queen Nesarose, who, with her poison skills, appears to be a very strong earth witch. To get to her, though, you will need to beat two of her fellow witches - Phrygian, the Ice Witch, and the Earth Witch. Knights who are unprepared to take on this dungeon will die by poison, usually at the hands of the Earth Witch, or if you're really unlucky, Nesarose herself. Required level: 52-61

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