"Ominous sign" is the first Expedition quest available to the Dragon Knights, obtained from Grandma Martha.

Quest Progression:Edit

Knight: "Is there anything I can help with?"

Grandma Martha: "There is something going on with all these weird happenings lately. It feels like something terrible is going to happen."

Knight: "What do you mean?"

Grandma Martha: "It's like the calm before a storm. That's the vibe I get from the Skalari. It feels like something terrible is going to happen."

Knight: "But the Skalari harassing them has always been happening."

Grandma Martha: "It's not that. What I'm trying to say is... hmm... Right! Why don't (you) check out the garden on the right. I'm sure you'll find Corrupted Giant Trashcan there. You should know what I'm trying to say once you see them yourself."

Knight: "So the Corrupted Giant Trashcan, right? Okay."

1. Eliminate Corrupted Giant Trashcan

Eliminate Corrupted Giant Trashcan

GOAL: Hunt Corrupted Giant Trashcan

2. Find Grandma Martha

Report to Grandma Martha about Corrupted Giant Trashcan

GOAL: Find Grandma Martha

Grandma Martha: "So, what was it like seeing Corrupted Giant Trashcan for yourself?"

Knight: "That's..."

--The Knight tells Grandma Martha what happened.--

Grandma Martha: "That's why I am worried. Whenever that kind of changed Skalari appeared, something bad always happened. Just like the Dark Oracles that appeared 30 years ago to take over the world."

Knight: "Well... I am sure it won't be like that so don't worry too much."


  • 180 Mar
  • 321 EXP
  • 20 Social Points
  • 5LV Quest reward box

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