After the Knight hands him the spicy onion extract, Beau devises a clever scheme to try to reverse the effects of the cursed marble energy...

Quest Progression:Edit

Beau: "I've got a good idea to make a cure which turns Cursed Children to normal! I need one major ingredient. That would be a Giant Onion!"

Knight: "A Giant Onion?"

Beau: "Yes, a Giant Onion. They can be found behind the restaurant. Please, get it for me!"

Knight: "Yes, I got it." (That was way too fast, nobody saw the Knight getting it!)

1. Please collect Giant Onion

Please collect Giant Onion

GOAL: Find Giant Onion

--That onion sure is huge.--

Knight: "(I think that should be it. I think I can reach under to grab some of the roots...)"

--The Knight unroots the onion with a swift yank.--

2. Please talk to Beau

Please tlak to Beau

GOAL: Find Beau

Beau: "Hey, did you get a Giant Onion?"

--The Knight hands over the Giant Onion.--

Beau: "Sweet. Now my food can cure the Cursed Children! This time Khan won't get the best of me in the natural cook off!"

Knight: "Great, I'm sure you'll kick his butt."


  • 200 Mar
  • 571 EXP
  • 10Lv Quest reward box

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