"Present for Beginners" introduces the player to the Mount system, and is another series of quests which the player can obtain, after the completion of "Getting to know Fight/Gun/Magic Circle".

Quest Procedure:Edit

1. Visit the School Store

Head to the School Store and meet the Shopkeeper. She has a gift for new students.

GOAL: Find School Store

School Store: "Welcome. I heard the story from Headmaster. You will go on many adventures now, therefore Hover Scooter (7D) is crucial to have. Also, if you want to drive the Hover Scooter (7D), then you must have gas. If you run out of gas, you won't be able to drive it anymore." ("anymore" should be two words ("any more")).

Knight: "Then what to do?"

2. Try to use the Synergen Refueler

Try to use the Synergen Refueler

GOAL: Find Synergen Refuleler

--"You must be riding what you are filling up" is written on the Synergen Recharger.--

Knight: "Hmm... this is the charger."

--The Synergen Recharger beeps.--

Synergen Recharger: "Today's fuel price total is..."

Knight: "What! This isn't free. Geez!"

3. Visit the School Store

Visit the School Store

GOAL: Find School Store

School Store: "Welcome. Did you get a good look at (the) Synergen Refueler? Then I will get you the Hover Scooter (7D) that (the) Headmaster mentioned earlier."

Knight: "Wow! That's great. Thanks! Haha." (<-- typed laugh here sounds a bit sarcastic/fake when read?)

School Store: "Try turning it on now."

Knight: "OK. Got it."


  • 100 Mar
  • 356 EXP
  • Hover Scooter (7D)
  • 5Lv Quest reward box

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