Eagle Emperor of the Luxor Empire

Level: 60

Location: Sitha's Tomb - 2nd Floor

The boss of Sitha Pyramid. Has a pull attack which can be quite efficient.

Skill List:Edit

  • Magic Tornado - Pulls all targets in 100(?) range by 100 distance, 10% defense decrease for 10 seconds (golden scythe whirlwind attack) - Sitha will use this A LOT.
  • Twinge - 38% and 8% HP (has shown some weird variation though), paralysis effect for 7 seconds, causes some weird messed up broken 65536 damage explosion effect (blue circle attack)
  • Cry of Sitha - 28% HP, attack +100% for 10 seconds.
  • Special Attack(?) - 18% HP, twirls weapon into a golden blur and appears to thrust it at another party member(?), unsure of effects so far - may attack another target or AoE?


Sitha Ruksoru's Magic Tornado attack.

NB if Sitha is not killed fast enough he will continually repeat these skills until he dies.

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