"Skalari Test Material" involves gathering, as the name rightfully suggests, test material from several different Skalari. It is activated upon reaching level 4.

Quest Progression - Dragon School:Edit

1. Eliminate Sprout

Eliminate Sprout

GOAL: Hunt Sprout (x4)

2. Please gather Test material from Angry Daisy

Please collect the Test material from the Angry Daisy

GOAL: Get Test Material (x3)

3. Please talk to Student Council Member Meghan

Please talk to Student Council Member Meghan

GOAL: Find Student Council Member Meghan

Meghan: "Hello, what's up?"

Knight: "PE Teacher Myles sent me."

--The Knight hands over the Test Material.--

Meghan: "Wow! That's great. You should be good enough to be a student."

--Meghan laughs.--

Meghan: "I am actually a member of the council that grades students for promotions. I am in charge of grading the apprentices. Congratulations on becoming an official student. One more thing: a member of the original Knights who battled in the 1st Great War is coming to visit. Just thinking about it gets me excited!"

--Meghan smiles.--

Knight: "Heroes? 1st Knights?"

Meghan: "Whoa... do you not know about the hero knights of the 1st Great War?"

Knight: "Yes, I have never heard of it before..."

Meghan: "Hmm... I can't be going around telling this to everyone, but since you helped me I will tell you. But you have to promise me that you won't tell anyone that you heard this from me. Got it?"

Knight: "OK, I promise!"

Meghan: "A long time ago, there were a group of 13 Knights that were formed to go to Helixion, where the Dark Oracles were practicing dark magic. From that group, even though 3 of them didn't make it back, 10 Knights returned after stopping the Dark Oracles' plans. The fact that every student here wants to be a knight is because of them."

Knight: "I see. (I wonder why 3 of them didn't return.)"

Quest Progression - Owl School:Edit


  • 170 Mar
  • 918 EXP
  • 5LV Quest reward box

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