Mara map
These are the Skalari you can encounter in Mara.

Central Mara / Vortex Cave Surroundings:

Forsaken Temple Pathway:

Forsaken Temple -> Pyramids Pathway:

Mara Northwest:

Pyramids Region - West and North:

Sand Cave Pathway:

Shadow Valley Deserted Camp:

Shadow Valley Pathway:

Arfa's Tomb Surroundings (Quest: Annoying People):

  • Dark Guard

Dungeon: Sand Cave (Level: 55-60)

Sand cave map

Dungeon: Forsaken Temple (Level: 56-60)

  • Cursed Theives
    Forsaken temple level 1 map
  • Decomposed Mummy
  • Silk Mummy
  • Golem
  • Midboss - 1st Floor: Decomposed Giant Mummy
  • Boss - 1st Floor: Kilij
  • 1st Mini-boss - 2nd Floor: Mummy of Blood
  • 2nd Mini-boss - 2nd Floor: Mummy of Death
  • Boss - 2nd Floor: Imhotep

Dungeon: Vortex Cave (Level: 57-60)

Vortex Cave - Skalaridex

Dungeon: Shadow Valley (Level: 58-60)

Shadow valley map
  • Midboss - 1st Room: Masi
  • Boss - 1st Room: Siphoo
  • Midboss - 2nd Room: Phumel
  • Boss - 2nd Room: Ifrit
  • Midboss - 3rd Room: Gatekeeper
  • Boss - 3rd Room: Lele

Dungeon: Itnin's Tomb (Level: 59-60)

Itnin 1st level - Skalaridex
  • Silk Mummy
  • Poison Mummy
  • Licanloap
  • Titan
  • Priestess
  • Stationary: Itnin's Mind Container
  • Stationary: Itnin's Soul Container
  • Stationary: Coffin of Itnin

Dungeon: Arfa's Tomb (Level: 60)

Arfa 1st level - Skalaridex

Dungeon: Sitha's Tomb (Level: 60)

Sitha 1st floor map
Sitha 2nd floor map

Dungeon: Secret Pyramid Cave (Level: 60)

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