Neo kansas map
These are the Skalari you can encounter in Neo Kansas.

Apple Farm:

Billy Joe Bob's House / Forbidden Mine Entrance:

Gibbs' Ranch:

Jack's Farm:

Steve's Ranch:

Super Organic Farm / Ruined Mine Entrance:

Tornado Pit Entrance - Northern Pathway:

Union Storage:


Wine Cellar Entrance:

Wine Cellar Entrance (Quest: Ominous Shadow):

  • Servant Rat

Dungeon: Wine Cellar (Level: 49-58)

  • Gangster Rat
  • Pumpkin Page
  • Pumpkin Magician
  • Possessed Scarecrow
  • Mech Menace
  • Wolverine Lion
  • Midboss: Evil Dorothy
  • Boss: Fire Witch Bulka

Dungeon: Ruined Mine (Level: 50-59)

Dungeon: Forbidden Mine (Level: 52-60)

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