How do I get started?

Click here to begin using the calculator.

What is it?

This tool is a web-based skill-planner. A skill sandbox or play-pen, so to speak. The calculator permits playing around with theoretical character builds before entering them in the actual game.

Using this tool you can try out character builds / specs before touching your real character. This can be checking whether or not builds are feasible in level and SP requirements, or simply seeing what types of stats that skills will have at their higher ranks. It's also easy to share your builds with others for comparison, such as on the game-forums or over messengers.

--Experiment, have fun, find new build paths, improve / refine your character(s), and take them to the next level!


-Use bookmarks in your web-browser to store the build. (for as long as skill-data doesn't change significantly)

-Copy and paste your bookmarked builds onto the forums or anywhere else that you wish to share them with others. (The URL bar contains your build)

-Right click anywhere in the calculator and save the image, to store a picture of your spec to stick anywhere online.

-You can reduce bandwidth or increase visual quality by clicking on the "low | medium | high" buttons of the quality-tab (visible in the corner).

-Make a mistake? The browser back button will undo it.

-You can also click on skill-icons in the calculator to display the tooltip descriptions, such as if you're on a tablet or other mobile device.

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