Using the built-in SNS settings, players can use Facebook and Twitter without leaving the game. There is also a feature to automatically publish an update whenever certain milestones are reached.

Setting UpEdit

Facebook: In your chat window, type "/fbset" to link to your Facebook account. A pop-up will appear prompting you to sign-in, followed by an authorization request from the Remnant Knights app. Click "Allow". You can now use Facebook directly in the game.

Gg sns twpin
Twitter: In your chat window, type "/twset" to link to your Twitter account. A pop-up will appear prompting you to sign in and authorize the Remnant Knights app. After typing in your Twitter username and password, click "Authorize app". A 7-digit PIN will appear, write this down and close the window. Enter the PIN into the window that will appear (shown left) and click OK. You can now use Twitter directly in the game.


These are the possible SNS commands. Just type them into the chat window to use. You must have the respective social network(s) setup up for them to work.

/snswrite [message] - Publishes the message to both Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook commands:
/fbset - Opens the Facebook setup window (in-game).
/fbreset - Resets your Facebook setup.
/fbopen - Opens Facebook in a pop-up (in-game).
/fbwrite [message] - Posts a message to your Facebook wall.
/fbfriend [charactername] - Adds a player to your Facebook friend's list (the player must also have their Facebook SNS set up).
/fbphoto - Takes a screenshot of your character on a RK background and publishes it to your Facebook wall.

Twitter commands:
/twset - Opens the Twitter setup window (in-game).
/twreset - Resets your Twitter setup.
/twopen - Opens Twitter in a pop-up (in-game).
/tweet [message] - Posts a message to your Twitter timeline.
/twfollow [charactername] - Adds a player to your Followers (the player must also have their Twitter SNS set up).
/twunfollow [charactername] - Un-follows a player you had followed previously.


Gg sns settings

The SNS Settings window can be accessed by clicking the Community icon on the lower right. After checking all the options you want published, click OK to save your changes.

Now, the selected milestones will be auto-posted to your Facebook, Twitter, or both, depending on what you have previously set up.

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